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The Imām al-Shāṭibī Institute was established in 2011 by AlRashid Mosque, and was founded by Shaykh Ahmad Badawi.  Al-Shāṭibī is an institution made up of four programs: Qur’ān Academy, Weekend School, Whole Quran Memorization, and Hadith Classes (practicing the narration of Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم). The goal of the Qur’ān Academy is to build a community of Muslims who are not only memorizers of the Qur’ān, but also memorizers who have perfected its recitation. A recitation that mirrors the form in which it was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم through the Angel Gibreel عليه الصلاة والسلام. All the teachers are specialized and taught from Arabic specialists to teach Arabic from teaching the alphabets, into advancing their Arabic skills and techniques and be able to read and write on their own. Imām al-Shāṭibī also hosts yearly Competitions, opening up the chances for participants to review and practice their readings; Also, hosting yearly celebrations of accomplishments and achievements of students. The institution has been led by Shaykh Ahmad Badawi since 2011 and today in 2019 there is over 600 registered students in part time learning with Imām al-Shāṭibī Institute.

Time: Morning or Afternoon shift (depends on the level)
Location: Edmonton Islamic Academy (EIA)
Length: September to May
Days: Saturday OR Sunday
Ages: 7+

Our testings are usually in the summer for 1st term July or August and 2nd term is in December.


  •  Registration Fee : Members: Free / Non– members $25.00 (FOR NEW STUDENTS ONLY & NON– REFUNDABLE)
  •  Agenda $5/ Workbook $5 / Juzu’ Yassin $20 / Qaida $20

Payment Information:

  • Option 1: Full payment (Sept– May) $60 X 9 months= $540
  • Option 2: Two payments: ( if you choose this option you MUST fill out the method of payment for term 2 tuition)
    • Term 1 (Sept-Dec): $60 X 4 months= $240
    • Term 2 (Jan– May): $60 X 5 months= $300
  • Option 3: Monthly $70 (Paid ONLY with preauthorized monthly withdrawal)

Donations & Sponsorship

All donations are greatly appreciated. Donations may be made by cash, debit, cheque or credit card. With these donations we may be able to sponsor a child who has the capability to memorize Quran but can’t afford to do so.


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Contact Information

780.451.6694 Ext.: 1
Al Rashid Imam Al Shatibi Quran Academy