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Endowments & Estate Giving

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “When a person dies all his good deeds cease except for three: a continuous charity, beneficial knowledge, and a righteous child who supplicates for him (or her).”

Our final years are a time to contemplate our lives and the legacy we will leave behind for others. With the Al Rashid Muslim community, you can be assured that your giving will be used to build and support the services and institutions the Muslim community of Alberta needs today and into the future. We have a century of managing the charitable giving of our community and have never broken this important trust.

The establishment of Endowments or (Awqaf in Arabic) is the bedrock of community development and the foundation of charitable activities in Islam. It has a rich tradition dating back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Awqaf is the responsible stewardship of community donations for sustainable development.

Al Rashid Endowment can receive donations or property for the ongoing support of Al Rashid initiatives. The principal item/amount of these donations will remain intact for perpetuity and the investment income will support the programs and services offered to the Muslim community.

Endowment or Waqf is one of the most intelligent ways to manage the charitable donations of a community.

Download and fill out the form: Islamic Will and Testament

Please contact us to discuss your estate giving plans.

Contact Information

Phone: 780.451.6694
Email: info@alrashidmosque.ca

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