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“Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return” (Quran, 2:156).

The Islamic Funeral Society (IFS) is a partnership of all mosques in Edmonton and follows the guidelines of the Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board.  IFS is dedicated to offering families funeral and burial services according to Islamic tradition. Advanced funeral planning and a Muslim private cemetery are available to the Muslim community in Edmonton and area. Al Rashid staff and volunteers offer comforting and supportive funeral services.

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Edmonton Muslim Cemetery

The Edmonton Muslim Cemetery is a private cemetery serving the needs of Muslims in Alberta.

Address & Directions

25110 – 34 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, T5Y 6B3


  1. From Al Rashid Mosque, turn left (west) on 132 Avenue
  2. Once on 132 Avenue, take your first RIGHT (north) at 113 Street
  3. Proceed on 113 Street (Castle Downs Road) to 97 Street
  4. Turn LEFT (north) at 97 Street (HWY 28)
  5. Continue to HWY 37 and turn RIGHT (east) on HWY 37
  6. Turn RIGHT (south) at 34 Street and the cemetery is located on the RIGHT (west) of 34 Street.

Please leave as detailed of a message as possible when contacting regarding funerals, especially the location of the deceased.

Contact Information

Phone: 780.451.6694 ext.: 1
Address: Islamic Funeral Society @ Al Rashid Mosque, 13070 113 ST NW Edmonton, AB.
Facebook: Al Rashid Funeral Notifications