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Arabian Muslim Association Board Members
Al Rashid / Canadian Islamic Center

Al Rashid is a non-profit organization serving the Muslim community of Edmonton since 1938. It is registered under Arabian Muslim Association which holds a charitable status. In addition to religious services, Al Rashid offers educational, social, cultural, and humanitarian programs. The Board of Directors is comprised of elected volunteers with a wealth of skills and experience in a wide range of domains.

  • Khalid Tarabain, President
  • Najeeb Sine Aboughoche, Vice President
  • Omar Najmeddine, Executive Director
  • Khalid Mouallem, Secretary
  • Tariq Deeb, Treasurer
  • Ameen Aboughoushe, Member
  • Bassim Kadry, Member
  • Nazir Umarji, Member
  • Walid Zein, Member
  • Taissir Younes, Member