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Horse back riding, Archery, and Swimming; but why?

2019-05-09T16:27:41-06:00 May 9th, 2019|Category 1|

It’s amazing what a little TLC (tender love & care) does for things. You take extra care during baking and you have a cake that would make Martha Stewart weep. You watch those greens and treat them right and soon enough you’ll have a garden feeding the neighbourhood. Inject some TLC into our youth, our children, and see how they thrive, how they blossom into people who champion good. Who bring light into any room they walk into.

RYC is working hard to show your children that the masjid cares about them. That this community wants to see them succeed both in whatever paths they choose in life, but also as good Muslims in this Dunya. We believe in the idea that success is sown not from intelligence, but from passion. We believe that in order for our youth to grow into the shoes of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and be model examples of Muslims, we need to teach our kids to love Islam.
Our Sunnah Stars Camp is our most recent endeavour in the line of our efforts to fuse excitement, adventure and happiness with Islam and being Muslim. We took the Prophet’s PBUH sunnah in regards to teaching our children to swim, to ride horseback and to master archery and we made it a weekend-long activity to introduce our youth to the activities, but also to foster new friendships. Over the 3 day camp, we had one major activity as the highlight per day, as well as mini activities throughout such as sports events, planting, Bingo, arts & crafts, etc. We took the usual Quraan and hadith segment but infused it with a new life. Instead of our focus being on memorization of something they echo from our mouths, we made our focus center around an important lesson from the Quraan. We taught them the story of the two farmers from Surat AlKahf and we stressed how important it is to always stay humble and give thanks to Allah SWT. Using a combination of storytelling, animations, projections and activities we insured that not only for next month but that for the next years and hopefully for the rest of their lives they can remember the story of the farmers and apply the teachings of the Quraan into their lives. And that when they hear this ayat recited they can be reminded of the great time they had at the masjid years ago.
Over the weekend we saw our youth bond with our volunteers and become inseparable, hopefully building bonds of kinship and trust between our generations. We saw teenage volunteers give up their weekend to wake up early and spend 10 hour days in the masjid to be part of spreading joy to our youth, and even to partake in the activities. We saw children making new friends, trying new things, being cheered on when they succeeded and supported when they failed. We saw our youth teaching each other their Islam, and learning to redefine what it means to be Muslim as they learn new things about their deen. We saw that when given the chance to grow, our community will be there to challenge, support and encourage each other to be our best selves. When we learn to love Islam, practicing and being a good Muslim becomes a lifelong dedication and passion.