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Asalamu Alaykum, and welcome to Al Rashid’s Raising a Nation page!

Raising A Nation’s goal is to bring the Edmonton Muslim community together with their families, to participate and benefit from discussions, lectures, and workshops on topics relating to imminent issues specific to our community.

Mission & Vision

Our overall mission is to unify the Muslim community in Edmonton, while providing opportunities to gain Islamic knowledge, focusing on areas that address the social and spiritual issues that are specific to our community.

Our Team

The Raising a Nation team exists through the ongoing interest in being part of collectively uniting the Muslim community with lectures, and topics of interest. Every year the RAN team invites volunteers to take part in creating and planning a conference on an annual basis. Each person on the team shares the same goal of wanting to create a memorable event where the entire family can learn about Islam together.

The 7 Deadly Sins - 2020

Raising a Nation’s 5th annual family conference will cover the topic of The 7 Deadly Sins (pride, envy, gluttony, sloth, lust, anger, &, greed) from an Islamic perspective. Our renowned speakers will dive into each “deadly sin” and relate them to our everyday lives in the western world, as well as anecdotes and lessons of how our Prophets (peace be upon them) and their companions faced these transgressions and returned to Allah SWT with improved and renewed faith. 

Muslim Kids TV will be running a separate program for children ages 3-10 that will take place throughout the entirety of the conference.

Previous Conferences

To Him we Return - 2019

  • Speakers: Dunia Shuaib, Sheikh Navaid Aziz, Amanallah Abbas, & Boona Mohamed 
  • Theme: Preparation in regards to the whole aspect of dying as a Muslim 
  • Presentations, lectures, & poetry in addressing & tackling every aspect of a Muslim experience when it comes to death

Respecting Ties of Kinship - 2018

  • 1st Family Conference 
  • Speakers: Ustadh Majed Mahmoud, Megan Wyatt, Ibn Ali Miller, & Rania Lawendy 
  • Theme: How to unify families through an Islamic perspective 
  • Break out sessions for all age demographics 
  • Grand Bazaar 
  • Panel Discussions & Various Lectures

Rising Above During Ramadan - 2017

  • Speakers: Dunia Shuaib, Najwa Zebian, Assmaa Hussein, Hasna, & Seada Karalic 
  • Theme: Preparation for the month of Ramadan 
  • Designed to raise our faith & rise above in all aspects of our lives during Ramadan

Sisters Conference - 2016

  • Speakers: Sr. Yasmin Mogahed & Dunia Shuaib 
  • Theme: Building a Prospective Nation 
  • Uniting Women as the core of the Ummah

january, 2021

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Jamada Al-Akhira 2
Fajr 6:35 AM 6:55 AM
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