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Edmonton Islamic Funeral Society

The Islamic Funeral Society (IFS) is a partnership of all mosques in Edmonton and follows the guidelines of the Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board.  IFS is dedicated to offering families funeral and burial services according to Islamic tradition. Advanced funeral planning and a Muslim private cemetery are available to the Muslim community in Edmonton and area. Al Rashid staff and volunteers offer comforting and supportive funeral services. The Edmonton Muslim Cemetery is a private cemetery serving the needs of Muslims in Alberta.

Certified by the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board

Step by Step guide into Islamic Funerals

Death at Home

Contact the family Physician or call 911 in order to receive the Medical Certification of Death from the attending physician.

Death in Hospital

The Physician would declare the time of death.

Death from an Accident/investigation

This process requires more time and the Mosque will get into contact with the Medical Examiner.

You can contact the Islamic Funeral Society from Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm at 780-451-6694

If the death occurs in weekends or evening

  • Brother Nazir 780-498-1804
  • Brother Gulam 780-430-8852
  • Sister Anisa 780-445-0992
  • Sister Hala 780-893-3434

When a call is made we would need the following information:

  • Name of the deceased
  • The person contacting on the family’s behalf
  • The Location of the body

We will need the following information and paperwork

  • Photo ID of the person who passed away
  • Photo ID of the next of kin (spouse, child, parent, sibling, guardian, grandchild, etc.)
  • Photo of the deceased (optional)
  • SIN number if it is a social assistance case
  • Health care number

At this point the Al Rashid Mosque is responsible for the funeral preparation, reaching out the hospitals, doctors, medical examiners, inviting the community to come to the funeral via email, etc.

Ghusl takes place an hour or two before the Janaza/Funeral takes place.

According to the bylaw, there will be 3 members in the room at once for the ghusl/shrouding, 2 trained volunteers of the same gender of the deceased and 1 direct family member (family members can take turns washing the body)

At this time the gym will be set up with chairs for the family to sit and wait for the full washing to be completed.

The coffin gets placed in front of the room after one of the 5 daily prayers (usually Dhuhr or Asr) and the Janaza/Funeral prayer begins:

  • First takbeer > surah Al Fatiha
  • Second takbeer > is the ibrhimiya
  • Third takbeer > dua’a for the one who passed away
  • Fourth takbeer > dua’a for the ummah

Then the prayer is complete by saying Asalamu Alakum Warahamtullah over your right shoulder then your left.

After that the coffin is carried carry the Vehicle-Hearse to the cemetery

Address: 25110 34 street

The males follow the hearse to the burial grounds to place the body in the grave.

The ladies don’t participate in this but they may wait in their cars until this part ends.

The deceased is placed on their right-hand side facing the qibla.

The Al Rashid Mosque provides a space for families that want people to pay their respects and send them their condolences in the mosque. The cost is $600.00 for non-member and $300.00 for members. This includes the gym, tables, chairs and access to the kitchen.

the family is brought back for a meeting that will take about 25 minutes to pick up the estate package that has the death certificates signed, temporary statement of death, and a guide of things to do.

Location and Contact Info

Contact Information

Phone: 780.451.6694 ext.: 1
Address: Islamic Funeral Society at Al Rashid Mosque, 13070 113 ST NW Edmonton, AB.

Edmonton Muslim Cemetery 

Address & Directions

  1. From Al Rashid Mosque, turn left (west) on 132 Avenue
  2. Once on 132 Avenue, take your first RIGHT (north) at 113 Street
  3. Proceed on 113 Street (Castle Downs Road) to 97 Street
  4. Turn LEFT (north) at 97 Street (HWY 28)
  5. Continue to HWY 37 and turn RIGHT (east) on HWY 37
  6. Turn RIGHT (south) at 34 Street and the cemetery is located on the RIGHT (west) of 34 Street.

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