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It was narrated that the Prophet p.b.u.h said:
(May Allah SWT keep him radiant who heard a saying from me, memorized it and conveyed it to others as he has heard it.)
Reviving the sunnah of the prophet p.b.u.h within us, and to uphold his words in our lives,
In pursuit of raising a Muhammadi generation, whose role model is the Prophet Muhammad and his beloved companions in manners, style and characteristics…
The Imam Al Shatibi institute would like to announce the opening of it’s new course to study the Prophetic hadeeth in accordance to the following method:
Studying the book forty hadeeth Al-Nawawi by  Imam Al-Nawawi (May Allah SWT have mercy on him)

Hadith Academy: 

  • The memorization of the Prophetic hadeeth or mastering the recitation of the hadeeth.
  • التعرف على صحابة رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم من خلال حياة الرواة
  • فهم الحديث، واستنباط الفوائد والآداب والأحكام منه
  •  توظيف الحديث منهجًا وسلوكًا في حياتنا من خلال النشاطات والإرشادات والوسائل المتنوعة
  • تقويم مستمر
By the end of the course the student will receive a certificate for his/her attendance and listening of the hadeeth or a certificate of memorization and mastery of the hadeeth.
This course is open to anyone that is 7 years old. And is open to Arabic and non-Arabic speakers, males and females.

This course will start in the month of September in shaa Allah.
Duration of the course: Total of 50 sessions
Day: Tuesday
Time:  From 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM – 2 Hours
Course Location: Al Rashid Mosque
The registration for this course will be closed once there is a full number of applicants.

Payment Information:

  • Option 1: Full payment (Sept– May) $60 X 9 months= $540
  •  Option 2: Two payments: ( if you choose this option you MUST fill out the method of payment for term 2 tuition)
    • Term 1 (Sept-Dec): $60 X 4 months= $240
    • Term 2 (Jan– May): $60 X 5 months= $300
  •  Option 3: Monthly $70 (Paid ONLY with preauthorized monthly withdrawal)

To register and ask for further information:

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(please note, we will contact you through email for the testing. Please make sure your email is correct).

Contact Information

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